New Pod Features: What the Differences Mean to You

The new OmniPod System has the same unique features you love - but now there’s even more built in. Improvements were made to the Pod to give you even more confidence and convenience in your diabetes management. See what some of the new Pod features can mean to you.

Added Comfort and Discretion

The Pod is smaller, slimmer and lighter. With the new design you can be even more discreet with your site placement, dress more freely, and feel greater comfort whether you’re lounging around or running around.

Increased Confidence and Safety

The Pod’s pink slide insert is an additional safety feature to help you determine whether the cannula has deployed. When you apply a new Pod you can check to make sure you can see the pink slide insert through the top of the Pod.

More Convenient Pod Changes

Prepping your new Pods for start-up is now even easier. The Pod’s needle cap cover is larger so it’s easier to remove when opening a new Pod.

And because there are now 2 ports visible on the back of the Pod, we’ve included an arrow pointing to the fill port to help ensure that the insulin is filled properly.