FAQs - The PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager)

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What are the main differences between the old PDM and the new PDM?

The new PDM has enhanced functionality that will improve your experience with the System.

Click here to view a detailed comparison chart that highlights the main updates to the PDM.

How do I know what PDM model I am using?

The new PDM, model UST400, has a black exterior with a dark grey lens and buttons, and is labeled UST400 on the back. The current PDM, model UST200, has a blue exterior with a light grey lens and buttons, and is labeled UST200 on the back.

Is a new test strip required for the new PDM?

No, a new test strip is not required for the new PDM. The new PDM will continue use the same FreeStyle® test strips as the current PDM. Click here for more information on test strip use.

What are my data download/management options?

The OmniPod System downloads insulin delivery totals, blood glucose values and carbohydrate records via a combination of the CoPilot® Health Management System and the OmniPod Extension software, enabling you to create customized reports, charts and graphs of all your records. You can download this software at no charge.

Will my old PDM work with the new Pods? Will my old Pods work with the new PDM?

No, the new PDM will not work with your old Pods. And the new Pods will not work with your old PDM. The new PDM and new Pods were designed to only communicate with each other.

Are back-up PDMs available?

Yes, you can contact Customer Care at 1-800-591-3455 (Option 2) if you'd like to purchase a back-up PDM.

What type of batteries does the PDM use and how long do they last?

The PDM uses a pair of AAA alkaline batteries. Do NOT use lithium batteries with the PDM. On average, a pair of AAA alkaline batteries powers the PDM for three (3) weeks.

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